The conference will take place at Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands. The hotel is located almost at the beach of the picturesque seaside village of Egmond aan Zee, at 45 km from Amsterdam. The borough of Egmond consists of a trio of villages. Egmond-Binnen is the farthest inland, surrounded in spring by colorful fields of bulbs in bloom. The historical Adelbertusfield was already cultivated in the ninth century by monks from ancient Egmond Abbey. The Abbey was laid waste in the sixteenth century and rebuilt several times since. Today Benedictines live there. They welcome visitors interested in their candlemaking activities. In Egmond aan den Hoef one finds the Historical Information Centre. Many sights here remind the visitor of times past, in which the famous counts of Egmond played a prominent role. Only remnants of the castle are left, but the chapel is still intact and can be visited. Egmond aan Zee started as a medieval fishing village. The scene is dominated by the “Jan van Speijk” lighthouse, named after a naval hero. The modern station of the Royal Dutch Rescue Service has replaced the shed that housed the rowing boat in which volunteers risked their lives to get sailors off ships in distress among the dangerous shoals along the coast. The wide sandy beach invites swimmers, surfers and sunbathers, and features pavilions and other facilities. Alfresco pubs and restaurants, a subtropical swimming paradise, sports facilities and a lively shopping district make for a perfect holiday atmosphere. Where the village ends, the natural beauty of the Noord-Holland Dune Reserve begins.

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